Interested in volunteering with Project Canoe? We are always seeking values-aligned individuals to contribute to making our program even better and more sustainable. New volunteers primarily contribute to Project Canoe by joining one of the below listed committees. If you are interested in helping PC in this capacity, please contact Tim.

We are currently seeking:

  • Bingo Hall volunteers
  • A professional fundraiser to join the Fund Development Committee.


Project Canoe now receives a portion of revenue from Dolphin Bingo Hall. This is a hugely significant source of revenue source for Project Canoe that could generate could help us provide hundreds more youth days of programming each year.

Required for this, we need 2 volunteers to attend each bingo session we register for. This currently means around one session/month, although the more volunteers we have the less frequent each volunteer will need to attend.

As a volunteer you would act as an ambassador for PC, answer questions asked by patrons, and help with some cleanup. You would not have to run the bingo itself. You’d be there for about 2 hours & 15 mins each time. Whether you could do it just a few times or on a regular basis we’d be so so grateful for your help!

If you'd be willing to help volunteer at these sessions you will unlock funding for PC that will make the world of difference for young people!

If you are interested please email Peter Szathmary, the Bingo Volunteer Coordinator

Committee MEMBERS

PC currently has four active, year-round committees. These are:

  • Governance & HR Committee - ensure that the Board fulfils its legal, ethical and functional responsibilities to PC
  • Finance Committee - ensures that the Board has sound financial oversight of the operations of the organization
  • Fund Development Committee - works with ED to ensure that funds are raised to meet and exceed the budget
  • Program Committeeprovides strategic and policy guidance on programming-related topics that supports safe and empowering experiences for our youth participants

Additionally, we have temporary committees that run seasonally alongside our summer program:

  • On-Call Advisory Committee - provides management team with additional support and advice with situations that arise in the summer program. This committee includes doctors, alumni, social workers, and other experts & community members
  • On-Call Driver Committee - a volunteer network of drivers who support our trips in case of non-emergency evacuation from trip. Drivers must have a G-Class or greater license, a good driving record and some availability during the summer. O n-call drivers will be rarely if ever called upon to drive in the summer.

Finally, there are other committees and working groups that Project Canoe runs that support other projects. Examples include special event planning, fundraising campaigns, and so on.


We ask our all potential Board members to serve on one of our working Board committees for 3-6 months to assess mutual interest in moving onto the Board of Directors. Download the Board member job description for more information.