Our Impact

A canoe trip provides significant benefits its participants. In fact, many of our youth credit their time on canoe trips with making them the people they are today. Youth on trip build environmental awareness, discover new strengths, find greater hope for the future, learn outdoor skills, practice teamwork, and much more.

Below is a word cloud of our youth feedback from our 2017 programming. The larger the word, the more times it was mentioned in our post-trip interviews. Scroll over the image to take a closer look.

impact statistics

The below data shows trends in our youth feedback from recent programming. All questions were open-ended and the results below reflect the most frequent responses, based on a total of 152 respondents.

WHAT WAS YOUR Best Memory?

Note: "Other Activities" includes campfire games, fishing, singing, etc. "Other" includes canoe-over-canoe, learning about self, being attacked by seagulls

How Did Staff Help Out?

Note: 100% of all youth asked indicated that staff were available to help when needed

What's the best part of being outdoors?

what would you have changed?

What Did You Learn About Yourself?



2017 Statistics

Youth Days*: 354
Youth Served: 119

*To emphasize our focus on the depth of each youth's experience with Project Canoe 'youth days' are our preferred metric. A youth day is an individual day of a youth's experience on trip. So a 5-day trip for 4 youth counts for 20 youth days total.

It’s just fun to be up there instead of cramped up in the city. You feel, well, I feel there’s nothing I can’t do. There’s a bunch of open air so you have your own space, instead of being cramped in the house with four walls around you; there’s no boundaries so just freedom and you can yell as loud as you want and sing as loud as you want.
— Tyler, youth participant