Eva's Project Canoe "Bundles"

Over the last few months, since our move to Eva's, we have been busy collaborating with their recreation program to run youth wellness activities! Project Canoe in collaboration with Eva's recreation program, has been working hard to provide monthly "bundles" at all three of Eva's locations. This program is provided to compliment Eva's recreation program and independent living skills program (at Eva's Phoenix)

Bundles are a monthly holistic program focusing on three components of youth wellness. Each bundle has 3 components - physical wellness, mental wellness, and community wellness.

Every month has a different theme, so far the themes have been character, stress management, routine building, and coping.



 What did our youth have to say about these "Bundles"?

"I think it was a great program! They were very knowledgeable and had a lot of information to share. I think everyone of the residents learned a fair amount of info" - Youth comment on  routine building workshop

"Yes, I found it incredibly helpful" Youth comment on routine building workshop

"Really interesting. I learned a lot about myself." - Youth comment on stress management workshop

"I like that everyone is nice and makes me feel comfortable" - Youth comment on character workshop

"Because it helps with physical activity and is super duper fun" - Youth comment for overall "bundle" workshops

Upcoming in April - Focus on coping: making mandalas and dream catchers, visiting local community centre for tour and orientation to programming, strength and cardiovascular training.

Want to stay updated on bundles? Then check out our Eva's Project Canoe page (located under "programs"). The page is updated monthly with the theme and dates/locations. You can also follow up on twitter @ProjectCanoe with #youthwellness to see what we are up to.