Change a Young Person's Life

We need your help this summer. Dwindling resources at all levels of government and a struggling economy have made it difficult for Project Canoe to raise all the needed funds to ensure 120 youth are able to have a life-changing experience. Won't you help us raise $30,000 before our official summer season launch? As a Project Canoe supporter, you know the power of the outdoors. You know about the transformation that can happen in a young person's life when they are given the opportunity to clear their minds, learn and practice new skills, and experience something many youth take for granted.

Project Canoe does not turn any young person away, regardless of the ability to pay. This means we provide full or partial subsidies for the majority of the youth we serve. These are young people that would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of the Temagami Wilderness while building their self-confidence and making new friends.

Donate now and know that you're supporting something truly impactful this summer. (Not in a position to donate at this time? Contact if you have access to canoes or other new or slightly used items that we can incorporate into our programming as a loan or a donation.)