Project Canoe and Environmental Stewardship

It may come as no surprise that Project Canoe has a long history of environmental stewardship work and education. Throughout the years, we continue to partner with entities like the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Parks, Temagami Lakes Association, and Mountain Equipment Co-op to build and maintain trails in the Temagami region, as well as build, install, and maintain privies at those sites. We train our staff and youth participants in the long-standing Leave No Trace ethics of respecting and nurturing our environment. Part of this education involves practicing what we espouse.  Project Canoe's interns are working this summer in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Temagami Lakes Association to install some newly constructed privies built in the wood shop of a local high school. On a recent trip, staff and youth cleaned up every campsite they encountered. Below is a photo of the amount of garbage collected and removed from just one campsite.