Project Canoe in the Toronto Star!

Project Canoe and former participant and Canoe Trip Leader, Maggie Embury, were featured in this last weekend's Toronto Star. Below is an excerpt and a link to the full article. Maggie Embury sat on a rock by a lake in Northern Ontario and looked up at the star-strewn sky for the first time.

“I remember clearly seeing billions of stars and actually feeling something run through my body. Looking at those stars, you feel so tiny but you’re tied into this incredible picture. We’re part of something so much bigger than our human world.” That was 18 years ago when Embury was just 14. It changed her life.

Rebellious and lacking self-esteem, the Newmarket teenager was failing school, experimenting with drugs and disappearing for days at a time. It was her idea to join her best friend, similarly challenged, on a 26-day summer trek with Project Canoe, a camping program that helps young people overcome a variety of social, emotional, behavioral and mental health issues.

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