PC Staff Attend Ontario Camps Association Conference

Project Canoe staff recently had the opportunity to attend the Ontario Camps Association conference. It was incredibly inspiring to see how many people are committed to providing outdoor experiences to Ontario's youth. We shared stories, strategies and learnings to inform our work moving forward. One highlight of this year's conference was the keynote address by Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians. She explained the challenges that the globe is facing in terms of water scarcity, and laid out the role that Canada plays in this important discussion. Maude pointed out that as stewards of Ontario's precious water and waterfronts, camping professionals have an obligation to join the fight to protect Ontario's water for the use and enjoyment of many generations of youth to come.

Learn more about Maude Barlow's vision and on-going struggle for Canadian and global water security in the video below.

Maude Barlow in Water on the Table