Cindy Bennett (Aubertin) Memorial Fund

Cindy Bennet Picture

Project Canoe is honoured to be selected as the primary recipient of donations received through the Cindy Bennett Memorial Fund.  Cindy Bennett (Aubertin) devoted much of her life to helping youth facing barriers, and sharing her love of the outdoors. Cindy worked at Project Canoe in 1998 and 1999, and believed strongly in this organization and the impact that it has in helping youth. In memoriam of Cindy, and in an effort to support a cause that she felt so passionately about, please consider donating to Project Canoe.

Please visit The Cindy Bennett Memoriam fund website to learn more.

Donate by clicking below to the Cindy Bennett Memoriam fund and selecting together we can raise funds to purchase canoes and other supplies that are needed to keep these trips going.