Youth Intake & Outreach Coordinator - Position Overview

The Youth Intake & Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of the screening process for youth interested in attending our summer wilderness program.  In addition, the outreach coordinator is responsible for delivering presentations in the GTA and surrounding communities, meeting with community agencies, and providing resources and support to youth who will be attending our summer wilderness program.  

2019 Contract Details

  • Pay: ~$560/week

  • Contract Length: ~Mid-April - August 31st

  • Application Deadline: January 14th

Core Responsibilities

  • Develop contact with community agencies, schools and services

  • Maintain accurate files, statistics and reports as required

  • Communicate effectively to youth and families the magic and challenges of wilderness trips

  • Support youth during the intake process before attending our summer program

  • Support youth after trip, connecting them with other programs and our urban programs

  • Data Entry as necessary

Specific Responsibility Information can be found below.

Preferred Experience

  • 2+ years practical experience working with youth, their families and social service agencies

  • Strong interpersonal skill and proven ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Strong computer and administrative skills

  • Comfortable talking one-on-one and to groups about our youth programs

  • G class driver’s license is an asset

  • Knowledge and experience working with marginalized, underrepresented and diverse communities (e.g. LGBTTQQI2SA+ clients, racialized individuals/families, newcomers, individuals/families facing economic barriers).


Applications are closed for the 2019 season. Check back in late 2019 for our 2020 applications!


Project Canoe is an equal opportunity employer, and we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. People from marginalized, underrepresented and diverse communities, including women, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, people with disabilities, people identifying as LGBTTIQQ2S+, and people facing economic barriers, are especially encouraged to apply. Please indicate in your application if you would like to be considered for employment equity.


Responsibilities: The Specifics

Program & Youth

You are expected to follow Project Canoe’s philosophy for working with our youth, which is to empower youth who face barriers in their lives, highlight their unique and individual strengths, and build their capacities to chart positive futures for themselves and their communities.  Overall, you are expected to be an excellent role model for our youth.   

The YOC must have direct practical experience working with our targeted youth population.  It is absolutely vital to have an understanding of the variety of issues that our youth face and the possible resulting behaviours; and strategies for dealing with these.  


The YOC is responsible for delivering presentations in the GTA and surrounding communities and meeting with potential referrers.  The outreach program has 3 key objectives, 1) to educate the community about Project Canoe’s programs and philosophy for working with youth 2) to advocate for our youth population and 3) to recruit referrals of youth to our programs.  The cost of transportation will be covered by Project Canoe, such as mileage.   

You will plan and implement your outreach strategy, focusing on priority neighbourhoods, CAS, and children’s mental health agencies.  Also, you may attend conferences, community events and professional meetings to promote and educate other professionals about Project Canoe’s programs.  This work is done collaboratively with the PD and Executive Director (ED).       

YOC advises, develops and screens all new Partnerships Trips, along with the PD.  These trips are formed with various youth agencies and programs when it is deemed beneficial for both parties.  This involves managing partnership requests, informing potential partners of Project Canoe’s policies and philosophy.  You will work collaboratively with the PD to establish new partners and maintain current partners if they are deemed still appropriate. 

intake process

YOC manages all aspects of the intake process for youth interested in attending our summer wilderness program, while redirecting youth who are deemed not appropriate to other programs/services.  It is, therefore, necessary to be knowledgeable about other youth programs and services, and how to access them.  Additionally, it is important to maintain relationships with staff of other programs and services.  The youth are recruited from CAS, children’s mental health agencies, community agencies, schools, etc.  

The YOC may also assist in supervising youth events to facilitate on-going contact with youth who have previously attended the regular summer tripping program.  It is important to have an understanding and interest in canoe tripping, camping and other outdoor activities to properly promote the program, recruit and screen the youth.

You are responsible to follow Project Canoe’s intake and screening procedures as outlined in the Risk Management Plan.    The intake process includes reviewing application forms, speaking with referrers and parents/guardians, interviewing youth, and supporting youth until they go on a trip.  

Once you decide a youth is appropriate for a canoe trip, you will place each youth into appropriate trip groups and may assist the PD in matching the youth with the most appropriate staff for their canoe trip.

The YOC will be involved in advising on youth and youth issues, as well as assisting in training staff and volunteers on working with youth and youth issues.  Depending on the staff training schedule, you could train the canoe trip leaders on the intake process, and how to deal with youth behaviours that staff can expect to encounter this summer.  Additional staff training may be required by you depending on your training.  You are also encouraged to go on the staff training canoe trip, even for a couple days.  

staff training

The YOC will pre-brief trip leaders on youth participants before trips are sent out and be available for advising them in dealing with particular youth or behaviours.  The YOC will also be responsible for necessary paperwork to accompany the youth participants.

While trips are out, the YOC is expected to be on-call incase any incidents or evacuations occur on a trip.  You will rotate being on-call with various board members and the SPD.  Whenever necessary, you will be expected to help coordinate and implement evacuations for group trips or individuals with the PD.  Afterwards, your responsibilities may include informing parents/guardians of any incidents/disclosures that their youth might have been involved in.  Additionally, the YOC may help to debrief staff, youth and parents/guardians if a trip is evacuated.

The YOC will be at the departure point in Toronto to meet /send buses to and from canoe trips.  This will ensure youth participants arrive at the bus safely and get home safely.  The buses arrive and leave outside of the regular 9-5 working hours.  Note that meeting the bus after trips will be a shared duty with the SPD.  

Supporting Trips

The administrative duties include those directly related to the position as well as maintaining the CampBrain database, assisting with transportation logistics, correspondence, mailings and general office work.  

You may be involved in the hiring process of a summer student to assist with duties of the YOC.  The Hiring Committee of the Board will assist in this process.  If a student is hired, you are responsible for supervising their placement while at Project Canoe.    

At the end of summer, the YOC is responsible for providing statistics on youth who participated in the summer program to the PD that will be included in their summary report.  Also, the YOC is required to write a Transition Manual, before the end of their contract, that explains in detail their experiences and suggestions for future individuals in their role.    

Communication & Administration