Become a Firekeeper!

By donating monthly, our Firekeepers keep Project Canoe alive and ensure that young people across Ontario can continue to access powerful, fun and enriching activities year-after-year. You can become a Firekeeper by signing up as a monthly donor today!

Anyone who has been camping knows that the fire is the heart of the campsite. It’s a warm gathering place for the community to talk, eat, sing and rest. It sustains, energizes and brings a group together. But an unmaintained fire will slowly fade to ash. A campfire needs consistent attention to ensure it will keep burning even through the rainiest day.

Keeping Project Canoe alive over these 40 years has been no small challenge. It has taken the generosity of our community, the support of our sponsors, and the hard work of our staff to make it all possible. However, in recent years we have had to turn away some youth from our program due to funding gaps.

With your support we can eliminate these funding gaps and ensure that no young person is turned away from the program. 

Join us! To mark our 40th anniversary, and help ensure we can serve thousands more youth in the years to come, we hope you become a Firekeeper today!

What will you bring to the fire?

There are different levels at which people choose to support youth with Project Canoe. Take a look and pick the one that works for you!



Make a Spark! At the Flint Level, you'll be preparing the campsite for our youth by covering the cost of park fees for 10 youth.


Let's Cook! At the Kindling Level, you'll be providing delicious and healthy food across 6 youths' entire trip.


Birch Bark always gets the fire going! At this level, you'll be outfitting 7 youth with all the raingear, life jackets and other gear they need for their trip.



At the Timber Level, you'll be providing all the campsite fees, food, and gear that 15 youth need to go on trip!