Project Canoe: Executive Director

Status: The position of Executive Director is a full-time permanent position, with a 3 month probation period. Position would commence on a date mutually determined between October and November 2019, and involve transition with the current Executive Director.

Location: Project Canoe is based at 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, M5S 2R4. However, the Exe cutive Director is able to work remotely within the GTA.

Salary: The salary will be  in the range of $60,000 - $70,000, commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Deadline: July 22nd 2019

Basic Description

Project Canoe is seeking an Executive Director (ED) to provide strong and passionate management and leadership for its mission of helping youth facing barriers to build more positive futures.

Established in 1976, Project Canoe is a registered charity which provides wilderness canoe trips and other year-round supportive experiential activities and opportunities to youth (aged 13-17) who are drawn primarily from Children’s Aid Societies, children’s mental health agencies and Toronto’s high-priority communities.  Since the Organization’s inception, more than 4,000 youth have benefited from Project Canoe’s unique program approach which features a low staff to youth ratio and an emphasis on building on the inherent strengths of each individual participant.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the ED of Project Canoe assumes the role of managing and leading this vital youth development organization. The ED’s responsibilities and opportunities include:

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience managing a non-profit organization

  • Experience working with a Board of Directors

  • Experience in staff management

  • Proven fundraising and promotion ability

  • Experience in organizational administration, including technology literacy

  • Knowledge of Project Canoe’s youth population is desirable

  • Understanding of and interest in canoe tripping/camping or other outdoor activities

  • Valid Driver’s License is an asset


  • Submit resume and cover letter to the Project Canoe Hiring Committee

  • Selected candidates will be invited for an interview with the Hiring Committee

  • At least three references

  • Criminal Reference Check

Job Description

Strategic Leadership

The ED will be knowledgeable about the Organization’s strategic direction, in order to make appropriate operational decisions. The ED will build funding relationships and program partnerships to enable our strategic direction to take the next step.  The ED will lead the organization and its stakeholders in the implementation of the new Strategic Plan.

Fund Development & Community Building

The ED will lead fund development efforts for the Organization and develop an annual fundraising and promotion plan. All fundraising and promotion activities are designed to respect the confidentiality and dignity of the Organization’s youth participants.

The ED will build and maintain relationships with funding agencies as well as promote the Organization to funders, potential funders and to other organizations that serve our population and/or provide similar program experiences.  

The ED will lead the development of all publicity and communications, including production of the newsletter, updates to the website and other promotional materials. They will work to foster a vibrant, engaged and passionate community around Project Canoe’s work.

The ED will help organize and support annual events, including the Charity’s Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon participation and flagship fundraiser, as well as volunteers for monthly Bingo sessions.

Organizational Administration

The ED is responsible for financial management and administration of the Organization, including preparing the annual budget, preparing for the annual audit, keeping abreast of accounts and investments, and managing payables, receivables, petty cash and payroll.

Additionally, the ED prepares an Annual Plan which is based on the Organization’s existing overall Strategic Plan. The ED reports on progress towards the goals of the Annual Plan at each Board meeting.

The ED facilitates the updating of the Organization’s By-laws, policies, procedures, Risk Management Policy and Strategic Plan.  Also, the ED keeps the Organization in good standing with respect to charitable status, incorporation, insurance, taxation and memberships in other organizations.

The ED’s administrative duties include those directly related to the position, as well as maintaining the Salesforce donor database, keeping contact with members of the organization, correspondence, mailings and general office work.

Leadership Team Support

The ED supervises and supports the Program Director, and Youth Intake & Outreach officers. It is imperative that the ED encourages commitment to the youth with whom we work, and ensures that the Leadership Team works within the philosophy and framework of the Organization.  The ED will be responsible for reporting to the Board on behalf of the staff and advising the staff on behalf of the Board.

Board Administration

Keeping sight of the mission, vision, values and mandate of the Organization, the ED guides and provides administrative assistance to the Board in its functions.  This includes attending bi-monthly Board meetings and serving on the Governance, Finance, Program, Community & Narrative and Fund Development Board committees. The aim of these committees is to address issues in-depth and work on initiatives to improve these areas of the Organization. The ED will work with the Chair of the Board to organize Board meetings.

Program Support

The ED assists the Program Director to establish program partnerships. These partnerships are formed with various youth agencies and programs when it is deemed beneficial to add a canoe trip experience to the agency’s or program’s existing program.

The ED assists the Program Director with promoting the program and supports the development of the emerging year round program.