Canoe Trip Leader Position Overview

Canoe Trip Leaders are responsible for planning, packing and leading wilderness canoe trips for Project Canoe’s youth in Algonquin Park.  Each canoe trip is composed of two Canoe Trip Leaders and four youth participants. Canoe Trip Leaders co-lead the trip and are responsible for reviewing relevant information regarding the youth prior to trip, engaging and supporting the youth and making appropriate safety and leadership decisions regarding the trip.  At all points of the trip, the Canoe Trip Leaders must maintain a youth-focused approach and keep emotional and physical safety of the youth as their primary concern.


Canoe tripping staff live, train and work in Downtown Toronto throughout the summer when they are not on trip. Four weeks of comprehensive training will be provided, including certifications such as Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, and specialized topics such as youth mental health, behaviour management, bullying, risk management and low impact camping practices.

Preferred Experience

  • Experience working with young people, particularly youth facing barriers
  • Experience organizing and leading canoe trips
  • G-Class or F-Class License an asset
  • Knowledge and experience working with marginalized, underrepresented and diverse communities (e.g. LGBTTQQI2SA+ clients,  racialized individuals/families, newcomers, individuals/families facing economic barriers).
  • Required: Bronze Cross or NLS
  • Required: Advanced Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Aid Responder


  • Co-lead 5-8 day wilderness canoe trips
  • Help run in city programs for youth
  • Manage canoe trip emergencies and evacuations  
  • Complete appropriate documentation, including youth letters
  • Contribute expertise to staff training  
  • Member of our On Call emergency response team 
  • Contribute to a work committee (e.g.: food, equipment, first aid, etc)
  • Must be comfortable in a collaborative staff working and living structure

More specific details on these responsibilities can be found below


Project Canoe is an equal opportunity employer, and we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. People from marginalized, underrepresented and diverse communities, including women, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, people with disabilities, people identifying as LGBTTIQQ2S+, and people facing economic barriers, are especially encouraged to apply. Please indicate in your application if you would like to be considered for employment equity.



Responsibilities: The specifics


Youth and Program

  • Model positive, prosocial and interpersonal behavior for youth
  • Accompany and supervise youth on the bus to and from Algonquin Park before and after their trips
  • Review relevant information regarding youth to assure safe and appropriate programming
  • Plan and implement route and programming for 5 or 8-day long canoe trips
  • Complete documentation such as, but not limited to youth and guardian follow-up letters, incident/evacuation reports and youth evaluation
  • Follow Project Canoe’s philosophy for working with youth, Emergency Procedures and Risk Management Plan

Training and Committee Work

  • Actively engage in a comprehensive, 4-week training including both psychosocial and canoe-tripping sessions
  • Facilitate training sessions for peers, supported by Summer Program Director
  • Participate in and contribute to staff canoe trip
  • Be in charge of maintaining/organizing Food, Equipment, or First Aid Kits/Maps (responsibilities may include repairs, packing out, preparation, assembly maintenance, and inventory).
  • Follow budgets and keep accurate records of purchases.


  • Communicate professionally and offer feedback to colleagues, as well as reflecting on own performance
  • Engage in self-care in order to keep balanced, healthy and effective with youth
  • Contribute to daily living tasks such as cooking, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, etc.  
  • Participate as part of a decision-making team and use peaceful conflict resolution practices

On Call

  • Each staff member will be a member of the on call schedule and therefore responsible for responding to any emergences during this time
  • Staff are prohibited from consuming alcohol while on-call
  • Staff are required to answer all phone calls as promptly as possible and frequently check their emails
  • The on call member is responsible for informing the Summer Program Director of all inquiries/incidents presently unfolding or resolved in the field a timely manner

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